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While the contribution of agriculture to the overall GDP of many developing countries has been declining, the sector contribution in Zanzibar is going up. OCGS provisional data indicates that from 25.7 % in 2016, the sector contribution rose to 28 % in 2017. This achievement is due to the significantly higher increases in agricultural, forestry and fish prices for Zanzibar’s products. MKUZA III calls for application of modern technology to increase production and productivity and ensure food security.

Among the factors of success in this sector are fertile land and good tropical weather. The climate allows different types of crops, vegetables, and fruits to be grown. For centuries, Zanzibar has been exporting quality exotic home grown spices to the world market. The most famous of these spices include cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper and chillies.

Agriculture opportunities
  • Processing of spices and value addition including byproducts such as perfumes, perfumed soaps, medication and food processing
  • Fruit farming, processing and canning
  • Exportation of fresh fruits such as banana, oranges, rambutans, dorians, mangoes and pineapples.
  • Horticulture production
  • Vegetable production through hydroponics techniques
  • Agro-processing and value addition
  • Investment in the mechanization and irrigation of agriculture (PPP)
  • Storage facilities for produce and pest control (PPP)
  • Certification laboratory
  • Improvement of livestock infrastructure and small stock keeper project (PPP)

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