Investors are strongly advised not to enter into land agreement with any third party. The Zanzibar Government does not recognize any such transactions. For details contact us at +255 24 223 3026, Email:

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Investment Incentives

Application procedures for Corporate tax exemption

Investors may apply for corporate tax exemption after fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Invest not less than 75% of the capital specified in the Business plan/feasibility study;
  • Start business operation

The application must be accompanied with:

  • Audited Final Accounts
  • Progress Report of the project
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Valid Business license

Please note: Application for Corporate Tax exemption shall be made in the first year of business operation.

Application procedures for exemption of import duties and similar taxes

Investors shall submit to ZIPA approved drawings, Bill of Quantity and a list of all capital goods to be imported as well as to be purchased locally for consideration and where appropriate granted exemption. The list should be submitted in both hard and soft copy.

Exemption of imported goods

For each consignment of approved imported materials, an investor may apply for exemption in writing to ZIPA at least 2 weeks before arrival of goods in Zanzibar and submit together with the application 2 sets of the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading/Air way Bill/Consignment notes/Local sale advise
  • Customs Single Bill of Entry
  • Invoice and
  • Packing list

Exemption of Value Added Tax on local purchase

For every goods to be purchased locally, investor may apply for Value Added Tax (VAT) relief to ZIPA and submit two sets of the following:

  • A dully filled Value Added Tax form issued by Zanzibar Revenue Board
  • Two copies of pro forma invoice

Note: For all goods exempted, Investor shall pay 5% of the total amount of exempted duties to ZIPA as service charge, except for investors who have strategic investment status.

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