Investors are strongly advised not to enter into land agreement with any third party. The Zanzibar Government does not recognize any such transactions. For details contact us at +255 24 223 3026, Email:

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Building Permits

Application procedures for a Building Permit

Building Permit is issued by Development Control Unit (DCU) through ZIPA after approval of drawings of the proposed project. All drawings should be drawn in accordance with Drawing Guidelines provided by DCU through ZIPA.

Investors shall apply a Building Permit to ZIPA and submit Ten (10) copies of proposed drawings for the project to be implemented. The drawing shall include the following:-

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Topographic Maps
  • General Site Lay out Plan
  • Plans, Section and Elevations of all Structures
  • Architectural Details
  • Engineering/Structural Drawings
  • Optional Drawing

Note: All submitted drawings should have a stamp of Zanzibar Board of Professional of Architects, Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors.

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